To create a global movement of women problem solvers, change makers and leaders.


To empower young women to become problem solvers, leaders and change makers. We do that through investing in their education, providing leadership opportunities, and by catalyzing changes in social attitudes. 


Why Does It Matter

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In India, the inherent abilities of young women to handle crises, provide intelligent and practical solutions, lead effectively and be change makers have been grossly unrecognized, unappreciated and underutilized.

The Plan

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In order to tip the culture towards greater women leadership, it is necessary to provide early opportunities for young women to become change makers, create impact and disrupt the way society perceives them. Here is our three-pronged plan to develop and nurture girl leadership:

  • The Lead Like a Girl Challenge

  • Girl Advisory Board (GAB)

  • Mentoring Program

Share Your Story

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The main intention of this platform is to make a dent in the often apparent but mostly sub-surface narrative that women are meant to fulfill only certain roles in the society. Go Laadli wants to help girls defy these norms and help them (and their families) truly realize the full potential of young women as active contributors to society.  It's a long road, but we believe the returns can be far-reaching.