At Go Laadli we realize that one of the most important aspects of a young girl’s personal development is access to quality mentorship. That is why we have set up a mentorship program to steer young women towards a bright and fulfilling future.

In addition to providing scholarships and an opportunity to be a Girl Advisory Board member, the winners of the Lead Like a Girl Challenge are matched with mentors (from around the world) in a one-of-its kind mentoring program.

The program is designed by industry experts to provide the much needed one to one guidance to develop, facilitate and support girl leadership. Our mentors will work with mentees on goal setting, leadership development, education and career exploration thus providing access to opportunities to young women to develop their confidence and leadership, graduate from college and ultimately become leaders and changemakers.

Join me in thanking and welcoming the first crop of Go Laadli mentors - super talented and passionate women who share the same commitment as the organization to help guide young leaders towards a future full of growth and success.