The 2019 Go Laadli Runners


We are super proud to introduce the second season of Go Laadli Runners! If 2018 was a great start, 2019 appears to be a befitting follow up with some amazing people joining the team. We are glad to have a fantastic mix of committed runners from a wide variety of backgrounds - some are expert runners, some running enthusiasts, while some are new to the sport. Each one of our driven and super-charged runners is looking to show their support for Go Laadli’s mission by undertaking some truly inspiring challenges and raising funds in the process.

Our 2019 runners are:

Archana S.N.

Charanya Iyengar

Ellyn Grace

Sneha Pitre

Kumar Ayyagari

Pushkala Jayaraman Ayyagari

Mukul Sharma

Prerna Agarwal

Chinmayee Mohapatra

Dherya Bahl

Monica Reddy

Partha Deb

We request you to support them as they support Go Laadli!

Visit our fundraiser!



We are thrilled to have the continued support and guidance from our expert and coaches Rick Swenson and Dana Moser, both veterans in running.


"Rick and I are very happy to be affiliated with Go Laadli - Lead Like a Girl, Empowering Girls to be Changemakers. Running for a cause is such a wonderful endeavor and a win-win situation. You become healthier, make new friends and support a very worthwhile project."