In addition to engaging girls in our decision making through structured discussions and curriculum, one of the key activities of our girl advisory board is leadership workshops and seminars facilitated by industry experts. These sessions will serve as a powerhouse for developing change makers and leaders through workshops and seminars.

Topics such as empathy, visibility and voice, creative and critical thinking, problem solving, self-efficacy and community engagement that are fundamental in building impactful, driven and competent leaders will be covered. With our workshops, we hope to provide a ready to use toolbox that our girls can avail to fulfill their change making potential.

Meet our incredibly talented facilitators for 2018!

Theme: Developing Empathy through Non-violent Communication (NVC) for Changemaking and Leadership

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 Speaker: Cara Crisler

An accredited coach and Nonviolent Communication (NVC) - based mediator and trainer, Cara is passionate about creating safe spaces for personal discovery, trust-building, honest sharing, empathic listening and connection and helps people in a diversity of situations wanting to go from stress and conflict towards mutual understanding, connection and collaboration.

She also provides tailored coaching/mediation/training packages to teams wanting to bring more empathy into the workplace. She holds the European Mentoring & Coaching Council’s “European Individual Accreditation-Practitioner and has more than 17 years professional experience working in educational and nonprofit organizations, including with the UN and —- to name a few.

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Theme: Visibility and Voice

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Speaker: Theodora Voutsa

Theodora has been an actress, producer, director and coach for more than 20 years.  She has starred in sitcoms on national Greek television, collaborated with the National Theatre of Northern Greece and starred in plays by Moliere, Shaksepeare, Bellei, Feydeau, Williams, O’ Neil, Coward, Greek classics and many others. She has her own production company and has produced web series, radio shows, plays and short films.

She is the founder and creator of the Stichting Theodroa Voutsa Productions (TVP) - an international professional and educational centre for the Arts, Culture and Development. Through a combination of acting and personal development techniques she teaches people to be more confident, to command attention, communicate effectively and to connect with themselves and the outside world. Theodora has given workshops all over the world, because she believes in the power of the community and giving. Her mission in life is to help people find their voice and act on their lives.

She stands strongly for women empowerment and leadership and has worked to advocate for the same through the plays she produces and the work she does. Along with Professional Women’s network of Amsterdam, Theodora recently launched Daring to be Girl Symposium in parallel with the play ‘Anitgone’ by Sophocles  ( - both focused on women empowerment and leadership and impacting change.

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Theme: Creative and Critical Thinking for Effective Problem Solving and Changemaking


Speaker: Eleonora Spagnuolo

Creative entrepreneur, trainer, graphic designer, and visual artist, Eleonora is a multitalented professional with an eclectic experience in a broad range of interests, with one thing in common: finding her personal voice, learning how to express it and teaching others how to do the same.

She is the co-founder of Co.LAB, a revolutionary business school and community for creators and innovators who want to transform their business into movements.  Co.LAB’s aim is to disrupt the business model and redesign it around impact to change the world. 

Eleonora firmly believes that everyone has an unique energy that needs to be translated into action, shared with others, and put at use in the professional and personal life. With her solid academic background and diverse professional skills, Eleonora facilitates the process of building a bridge between the creative and rational space. 

Being differently wired herself, Eleonora is highly passionate about changing the world to be an accepting place for neurodivergent people. She is a board member of the Neurodiversity Foundation and is on a mission to drive the move towards a more equal, inclusive neurodiverse society, to bring awareness and create a community that is welcoming to everyone so everyone can grow and thrive together.

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Theme: Engagement in Communities and Changemaking


Speaker: Lana Jelenjev

Lana is the co-founder of Co.LAB, a training and educational platform for creative and innovative entrepreneurs who are transforming their business into movements. Together with her business partner, Eleonora Spagnuolo, they provide workshops to help entrepreneurs make impactful ideas happen. Lana brings in Co.LAB her knack in looking at the big picture and making it visible into actionable steps, plus her love for building strong, supportive and impactful communities.

A Community Alchemist, she is an expert in bringing the magic of connections and collaborations in communities and groups that she builds. She assists other community builders with building and growing engaged communities through helping with mapping out community needs, offering strategies on increasing engagement and helping set milestones and metrics to mark and celebrate progress.

She is also a consultant for organizations and schools, providing training and support on various areas related to curriculum design, project planning and personal development. Her background in Family Life and Child Development along with her certifications on Gifted and Talented Education, Reading Instruction and Making Thinking Visible has shaped her passion on creating a culture of learning and engagement.

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Theme: Self-efficacy Leading to Agency


Speaker: Jill Windelspecht

 Jill is an Executive Coach, Consultant, National Speaker and Leadership Trainer who partners with executives and their teams in multiple strategic areas including: develop and refine strategy, succession plan, leadership onboarding and development, selection and assessment of talent, organization change and designing effective organizations. Jill works with executives and their teams to realize their potential and create organizational climates that lead to lifelong prosperity. 

She brings over 20 years of global experience in talent management and organization effectiveness, working with executives and their teams in 15 countries in organizations, including Eaton, Honeywell and FirstEnergy. In addition to leading her own executive consulting organization, she is an Executive Coach with Korn Ferry, executive consultant with Predictive Synergistic Systems and is the Cleveland Chapter President of IAW (International Association of Women).

Jill’s unique approach is a blend of neuroscience, emotional intelligence, six sigma and Gestalt that allows her to bring practical solutions to complex problems using insight, data and behavioral science. She now works with a range of industries and organizations nationally. 

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