• The winners of the Challenge and participants demonstrating strong interest will be connected with each other through GAB.

  • GAB will be an opportunity for girls from varied backgrounds to engage in dialogue around gender issues, to learn to work within a peer network - to develop empathy and acceptance of each other and different points of view.

  • Girls will get to exercise their leadership skills by contributing to Go Laadli’s decision-making and will ensure that our programs are aligned with their needs and wants.

  • The GAB will provide a participatory context where the girls directly experience leadership roles and get to engage in active decision making related to Go Laadli programming. Through providing meaningful engagement and a serious platform to contribute, we plan to create a context in which girls can see themselves as leaders and change makers and work together within a diverse peer group, that spans different cultures, communities and socioeconomic backgrounds, to address gender discrimination and bias.


2018 GAB Members

We are proud to introduce our 2018 GAB members and are excited about working with them to shape the future direction of Go Laadli!


2018 GAB Facilitators

We are excited to introduce a wide range of industry experts who will be interacting with the GAB members and facilitate various sessions.