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our vision

To create a global movement of women problem solvers, change makers and leaders



our mission

To empower young women to become problem solvers, leaders and change makers. We do that through investing in their education, providing leadership opportunities, and by catalyzing changes in social attitudes. 


why does it matter

In India, the inherent abilities of young women to handle crises, provide intelligent and practical solutions, lead effectively and be change makers have been grossly unrecognized, unappreciated and underutilized.


our plan

In order to tip the culture towards greater women leadership, it is necessary to provide early opportunities for young women to become change makers, create impact and disrupt the way society perceives them. Here is our three-pronged plan to develop and nurture girl leadership:

    The Lead Like a Girl Challenge (Click here to navigate to the Challenge)

  • We challenge young girls to identify and explore women-centric issues in their communities and to provide well researched, designed and thoughtful solutions
  • These are evaluated by an expert panel and top entries are awarded scholarships to pursue college education in India
  • With this, we create awareness around girl/women issues and demonstrate to young girls and their communities that given the right support and opportunities, girls have the capacity to excel and make lasting, positive community contributions
  • By easing the burden of college expenses through this program, we hope to see more young girls chase their academic dreams, attend and graduate from college and lead lives of independence, fulfillment and high self-esteem

    Girl Advisory Board (GAB)

  • The winners of the Challenge and participants demonstrating strong interest will be connected with each other through GAB. GAB will be an opportunity for girls from varied backgrounds to engage in dialogue around gender issues, to learn to work within a peer network - to develop empathy and acceptance of each other and different points of view.
  • Girls will get to exercise their leadership skills by contributing to Go Laadli’s decision-making and will ensure that our programs are aligned with their needs and wants.
  • The GAB will provide a participatory context where the girls directly experience leadership roles and get to engage in active decision making related to Go Laadli programming. Through providing meaningful engagement and a serious platform to contribute, we plan to create a context in which girls can see themselves as leaders and change makers and work together within a diverse peer group, that spans different cultures, communities and socioeconomic backgrounds, to address gender discrimination and bias. 

   Mentoring program

  • At Go Laadli we realize that the one of the most important aspects of a young girl’s personal development is access to quality mentorship. That is why we have set up a mentorship program to steer our young women towards a bright and fulfilling future.
  • In addition to providing scholarships and an opportunity to be a GAB member, the winners of the Lead Like a Girl Challenge will be matched with mentors in the US in one-of-its kind mentoring program.
  • Our mentorship program is designed by industry experts and will provide the much needed one to one support and guidance to develop, facilitate and support girl leadership.  Our mentors will work with mentees on goal setting, leadership development, education and career exploration thus providing access to opportunities to young women to develop their confidence and leadership, graduate from college and ultimately become leaders and changemakers


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share your story

The main intention of this platform is to make a dent in the often apparent but mostly sub-surface narrative that women are meant to fulfill only certain roles in the society. Go Laadli wants to help girls defy these norms and help them (and their families) truly realize the full potential of young women as active contributors to society.  It's a long road, but we believe the returns can be far-reaching.

How about yourself? As a young woman, have you personally faced situations when your family, friends, teachers or relatives were reluctant to believe in your abilities to solve issues, were hesitant to entrust you with responsibility, and did not value your skills as compared to your male siblings, colleagues or friends?

Were your male siblings preferred over you when it came to investing resources for your education?

Share your story! Were you able to fight back? What did you do? How did you feel? What would you do differently if you were to revisit the situation now?

We will feature selected submissions on our blog in the hope that it inspires other Laadlies. You can submit anonymously too. 


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Tell us how we can improve. Tell us if you like what we're doing.


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