Go Laadli's vision is a world where each girl is empowered to unlock her highest potential, realize her dreams and be an agent of change.

We believe in the vitality and dynamic potential of our girls and are committed to empowering them to become problem solvers, leaders and change makers. We do that through investing in their education, by providing life-changing leadership opportunities and catalyzing changes in social attitudes.

In April 2017, we launched The Go Laadli - Lead Like a Girl Challenge

High school girls were asked to write about the problems they thought affected girls and women the most and suggest ways to solve them. The girls answered our call. From different parts of India--urban and rural, rich and poor--they took up the challenge, voiced their opinions, identified problems and proposed solutions. They shared their stories and those of the women and girls they spoke wit

They stood up for what they believed in and delivered

Their revelations and insights about the problems women face were powerful. And then, when they were asked to come up with solutions, their ideas inspired us:

Emboldened by the potential our girls have, we had to go a step further. 

The winners of 2017 Challenge received college scholarships to financially assist them with their undergraduate education and to empower them to be better leaders. As our conversations with girls continue and their stories unfold, we are developing leadership experience programming to provide girls with opportunities to connect and grow as change makers in their communities.

Why does it matter?

It has become abundantly clear through the Challenge and our interactions with them that our girls have the thirst, the drive and the passion to get into the reeds and identify pertinent issues, design solutions and create change within their communities. Without opportunities like ours - their potential remains untapped, they remain invisible and their voices remain unheard.

Go Laadli gives girls a chance to raise their voice, to be visible and to be active agents of change; we provide them access to support and tools for succeeding - to become change makers and leaders that they are meant to be because we know that what they can achieve, provided the right opportunities, is limitless. 

How you can help? 

If this story so far has piqued your interest in our work, please write to us/ DM us/call us. If you love what we are doing, DONATE! Your support is critical to ensure that we can continue our work of providing college scholarships and life changing opportunities to our young women.

Go Laadli is the start of a movement of women problem solvers, change makers and leaders - a movement that will create systemic change and tip the culture towards greater woman leadership and we cannot do this without you.

Join us in making change. 

Support Go Laadli. Together, we can reshape the future for women and girl leaders - one strong, visible girl leader at a time.