The 2018 Go Laadli - Lead Like A Girl Challenge Winners



We are excited to formally announce the winners of The 2018 Go Laadli - Lead Like A Girl Challenge. This year we saw the contest grow in outreach and popularity among high-school girls in India, which was reflected by a significant spike in participation. The quality of content also improved with the contestants spending an increased amount of time and effort in meeting with people from their community for better understanding of women related issues. We are honored and privileged to have received some truly inspiring write-ups and to have personally interviewed some extremely motivated, driven and inspiring young leaders. We plan to dovetail this announcement with our mentorship and advisory board programs that have been carefully designed by industry experts.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our partner NGOs, teachers, and schools for facilitating the process at the grass-root level. Sincere gratitude to our sponsors for believing in our goals and mission, your continued support makes our programming and scholarships possible. And finally, kudos to our amazing volunteers, including judges, interviewers and interpreters - this edition would not have been possible without your critical support.

Please join us in congratulating the following scholarship winners (the names do not appear in any rank or order):


U. Arunadevi (TN)

Vaishnavi Singh (UP)

K. Gayathri (TN)

Tushita Srivastava (UP)

M. Divya Bharati (TN)

A note to the candidates who did not get selected this year:

Go Laadli team is thankful to you for your participation and energetic responses. We want to acknowledge your commitment and efforts for taking the initiative and showing agency in completing the challenge. The quality of your work was truly inspiring; we have all been very pleasantly surprised by your entries and interviews and believe that many of you came very close to winning! We would encourage you to participate in the challenge next year if you are still eligible!

We sincerely hope that the experience of participating in this challenge was rewarding for your personal growth and achievement and we wish you all the very best in your future endeavors!

Heera Sharma