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In this page where we will bring in links from all over the globe with stories of young women change makers. Keep watching this space for all the inspiration you need as we keep periodically updating it.


Top inspirational stories of young women changemakers


Founded by Jessica Markowitz when she was eleven years old - Richard’s Rwanda comprises of a group of students based in the United States who are working together to provide support for Rwandan girls’ education.

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Adora Svitak, at the age of twelve, created and curated the TEDx Redmond event - a youth event with speakers from around the United States. The event focused on issues such as creativity and education as they related to youth. TEDx Redmond event continues to be a for youth, by youth event and is hosted every year with different themes.

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Founded by two eleven year old school girls Madison Vorva and Rhiannon Tomtishen, Project Orangs seeks to raise awareness around sustainable palm oil use.

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Founded by a fourteen year old, Jackie Rotman, EDN! offers free dance classes to young people across the country who would otherwise not have the access to such resources. By doing so, it serves to positively transform the lives of youth and their communities.

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Founded by a formerly homeless teen, Nadya Okamoto, Camions of Care provides feminine hygiene products to those who do not have means to access them on their own.

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Started by Kshitija Chavan aged sixteen, the project focusses on creating awareness about environment.

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Founded by a fourteen year old Tanishi Gola, Saanjha addresses problems of underprivileged communities including the lack of basic amenities and problems like smoking, chewing tobacco by small children.

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Founded by Radha Subramanian at the age of fourteen, Grey Water Harvesting aims to create awareness and implement ways towards optimum water utilization.

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Some inspiring videos to check out:

 Vital Voices: Kakenya (3 min):
“Kakenya Ntaiya had a dream: to become a teacher. On the way to achieving it, she has had to overcome obstacles and make tough compromises. But, after becoming the first girl from her Maasai village to attend college, she has opened a path for other young girls achieve their dreams.”

 Pedal=Sight (5.5 min):
“For many children in the West, usually a bicycle is little more than a toy. For Bharati it is a means to an education, a means to a better future, and a tool to achieve what women in her mother’s generation could not. Bharati wants to change her world with a little help from her own two wheels.”


Top books to read if you want to be a young changemaker:

  • Be a Change maker: How to start something that matters by Laurie Ann Thompson.
  • The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind by Brian Mealer and William KamKwamba
  • Do Something - A Handbook for Young Activists By Nancy Lublin
  • Rad Women Worldwide By Kate Schatz
  • Start it Up: The Complete Teen Business Guide to Turning your Passions into PayBy Kenrya Rankin (?)
  • Doable: The Girls Guide to Accomplishing Just About Anything By Deborah Reber
  • You Got This! By Maya Penn
  • I am Malala By Malala Yousafzai with Patricia McCormick
  • Generation Fix: Young ideas for a better world By Elizabeth Rusch (?)
  • A Random Book About the Power of Anyone By Talia Leman (?)
  • Audacity By Melanie Crowder
  • Do Good Well: Your Guide to Leadership, Action, and Social Innovation By Nina Vasan and Jennifer Przybylo


Miscellaneous resources:

TakingITGlobal - one of the world’s leading networks of young people learning about, engaging with and working towards tackling global challenges -

YouthActionNet - invests in the power and promise of young social entrepreneurs around the globe -